Making sense of the digital world

We help businesses and governments tackle the complex issues they face operating in this brave new digital world.

Our advice is independent and informed by 20 years' accumulated knowledge, experience, methods and resources (eg our free Website Design Brief Template - by United Focus) that help remove much of the mystery and the guesswork from planning and managing your digital transformation, channels and activities.

Our digital advisory work with businesses and government clients around Australia includes:

We grapple with these complex issues daily, so let’s talk about your digital goals, activities and challenges and see what's working well and what might need changing.

What our clients say

“I benefited from all sections of Steven’s user-centred writing for the Web workshop. It was all relevant and presented in an engaging format.  It validated some of the things that I’m already doing and it answered questions about things that haven’t been going so well for our team and how we can improve.  I’m already putting into practice some of the things that I’ve learned and have already spoken to my manager about implementing new ways of doing business as usual to achieve better outcomes.”


Steven’s workshop was highly relevant and engaging Participant from the Australian Government, Canberra (Feb 2018).

Steven is a pioneer and leader in maximizing organizational gains through the application of the Web. He has capitalised on his foresight and outstanding communication skills since the origins of the Web to benefit his clients at a state, national and international level. He is a passionate advocate and innovative thinker, who backs this up by taking positive actions towards meeting the shared vision and goals with his clients.

Passionate advocate and innovative thinker Tim Anderson

“Steven Smith from United Focus ran a productive, enjoyable and value-for-money workshop. He brought to the task a wide experience and valuable insights from a busy career. Steven’s focus united the participants in an authentic examination of the common challenges before us in the modern digital workplace”.

Wide experience and valuable insights. Workshop participant, Australian Government, Canberra, Feb 2018