At United Focus we help our clients to make sense of the digital world. We help them tackle the complex issues: digital disruption and transformation, meeting customers' needs and expectations, the changing nature of work, the social and economic impact of digital, and helping to devise practical and achievable ways to thrive and re-invent in this digital world.

We grapple with these complex issues daily, so let’s talk about your business and your current digital activities to see how your organisation can improve its relevance to online customers, improve productivity and competitiveness in this Digital Age.

Inside A Digital Advisory Firm

Ever wondered what digital advisors do? This video gives our perspective on the role and activities of a digital advisory firm. Hear about our role in the digital world, what we do and how we go about advising companies and governments about managing their digital strategies, presence and activities.



We help explain how to be more relevant to online customers, more productive and more competitive in the digital world.


Steven Smith is a highly professional and knowledgable website strategist. He is a strong advocate of good results-oriented design with a strong emphasis on usability. He focusses on measurable and meaningful outcomes. In this regard, he has quite literally ‘written the book’.

Steven was instrumental in getting the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association established in South Australia in the early – mid 1990’s and that is when I first worked with him. He was ahead of the game then and over the years his knowledge and understanding of this industry has grown remarkably. He has a very positive approach to collaboration and is a delight to work with. I cannot recommend Steven highly enough.

I cannot recommend Steven highly enough Adelaide City Council

Steven is a pioneer and leader in maximizing organizational gains through the application of the Web. He has capitalised on his foresight and outstanding communication skills since the origins of the Web to benefit his clients at a state, national and international level. He is a passionate advocate and innovative thinker, who backs this up by taking positive actions towards meeting the shared vision and goals with his clients.

Passionate advocate and innovative thinker Nova Systems

Steven has provide a number of expert services, including an online business strategy for TAFE SA, Website Benchmarking and Writing for the Web workshop training and planning. He has an excellent personal skills, and very strong broad knowledge of online business.

Business strategy and workshops Tafe SA