Digital Content Frameworks for Government Agencies

Digital Content Frameworks for Government Agencies

This is a full-day workshop

A digital content framework provides the over-arching guide as to what and how you provide and manage digital content on your websites and social media channels. A digital strategy framework usually addresses the: purpose, governance rules, content principles, management approach, resourcing and digital publishing solution.

Join us for this full-day workshop with peers from government agencies and learn how to develop a highly effective content strategy for your agency.

The DTA will be represented at the workshops to answer queries about their Content Guide, the Digital Service Standard and other resources.


Government digital content managers, digital channel mangers, and content writers and editors.


  • Purpose, scope and benefits of a content strategy
  • Governance – who owns and develops it, the content team, monitoring and reporting, risk management, security
  • Digital content principles, scope and channels
  • Management – policies and procedures, QA, information and data management, archiving and training
  • Resourcing and Infrastructure – funds, time and software

Throughout the workshop we will be referencing the DTA’s GOV.AU Digital Service Standard, and digital strategies that we have developed for government agencies. 


  • fast track the development of your content strategy
  • know how to develop an effective content strategy
  • know the benefits to the agency of a content strategy
  • practical and useful tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts
  • awareness of the resources available and how to apply them
  • an expanded peer network of content strategists

Workshop Content

Morning – 9.00am – 12.30pm

  • Concepts: what is a digital strategy; key elements; terminology and jargon; transition vs transformation; what the DTA’s Digital Service Standard says
  • Logistics: the journey of developing a digital strategy; scope and style options; using the strategy on a page template; co-design and collaboration

 Afternoon – 1.15pm – 4.30pm

  • Researching: your charter and purpose; your customers’ expectations; your readiness – internal capabilities, capacity and culture; the external environment and trends
  • Composing: designing the strategy; what to include
  • Socialising: how to achieve internal buy-in with stakeholders

The workshop format is a mix of presentation, discussion, practical exercises, examples, group work and interaction between participants.


We are planning our 2018 program now, so please contact us to find out about more dates and locations for future workshops.