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Digital Content Strategies for Government Agencies - Full-Day Workshop

This full-day workshop will help you to plan and develop your agency’s digital content strategy – the governance, principles, management, resourcing and digital infrastructure aspects of the digital content on your websites and in social media. The DTA’s Digital Service Standard and Content Guide will be featured.


  • Purpose, scope and benefits of a content strategy
  • Governance – who owns and develops it, the content team, monitoring and reporting, risk management, security
  • Digital content principles, scope and channels
  • Management – policies and procedures, QA, information and data management, archiving and training
  • Resourcing and Infrastructure – funds, time and software

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User-Centred Writing for GOV.AU Websites -
Full-Day Workshop

It’s not easy to write in simple, plain language on the Web. Government content writers often struggle to get the balance right between their users’ desire for simplicity and the complexity of the content they have to present. The DTA’s Content Guide will be featured.


  • design-thinking to meet audiences’ needs and expectations
  • plain language – write clearly, succinctly and accurately
  • structure content, make it easy to find and accessible to all
  • content layering, achieve balance between simplicity and complexity of content
  • instructional design – convey your message more effectively
  • comply with accessibility guidelines - WCAG 2.1
  • compose content for high visibility in Google
  • comply with the DTA Content Guide

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Some more of our other popular digital workshops are:

Digital Strategy on-a-page – Learn how to develop a highly effective digital strategy using our digital strategy on-a-page method. Benefit from fast tracking the development of your digital strategy and learn about what makes an effective digital strategy. 

Business survival tips for the Digital Age – Topics include: Understanding your customer; Making it easy for users to do business with you online; How to improve your Google ranking; Using social media; Transforming and innovating to survive. 

The A-Z of managing your digital business – Topics include: Governance and risk management; Digital team structure and management; Developing policies and guidelines for staff; Resourcing issues; Managing vendors and developers.

Marketing your information, products and services online – Topics include: Understanding how customers think and act online; Identifying your audiences and their characteristics; What mix of digital channels (website, app, social media) is right for you and your customers; How to make your information, products and services easy to find, understand and procure;  Governance and management of your digital channels and online marketing activities. 

The workshops are aimed at non-technical people, and they presented in an engaging, interactive style with Steven providing practical hints and tips and sharing numerous lessons learnt from 20 years' experience advising organisations about these digital topics and issues.

Contact us to enquire about tailoring a workshop to your needs.