Website design brief template

Website design brief template

A great website deign brief is the foundation for a great website - and the same goes for mobile apps.

The website design brief is 

No one ever complained that a website or app was too easy to use.

Your website or app should be designed for your customers, not you – put yourself in the shoes of your customer. Your customer does not have the same knowledge or your business structure or operating model as you. Unfortunately, many websites are developed without the customer front of mind. The key to a customer-centric website is a good brief. United Focus developed the 101 Guide to Briefing a Website or App Developer to ensure that a good brief is is made prior to website development, whether you are doing your website yourself or outsourcing, this 101 guide will save you time and money.

The The 101 Guide to Planning a New Website or App - by United Focus 2018 provides a practical step-by-step methodology for writing a web or app brief. The guide will help you to understand what you need to know in order to brief a web or app developer and how to go about it. Using the guide will help you to crystallise yours and your online customers’ requirements; what the end product should look like and how it is to behave; and what is expected of the web or app developer.

Here's an example of the resources we make available to our clients- developing a website or app? You might find this useful.: Website Design Brief Template - by United Focus

 This website design brief template will help you to:

  • articulate why you want a new website or app 
  • think about who your audiences are and what content and features they'd like
  • identify the challenges and benefits
  • get reasonably accurate quotes from developers that can be fairly compared against each other
  • reduce the angst of dealing with developers and making the whole process more effective and efficient
  • minimise nasty surprises and the chance of an unforeseen budget blow-outs
  • maximise the return you get from spending all that energy, time and money developing a digital asset.