Digital Governance

Digital Teams & Governance

The governance and leadership of implementing and managing digital in an organisation is vital. Without the right mix of leaders and the right reporting lines there is risk of failure in transforming a business.

Digital teams can be either designated roles, or extensions from within the business, like a champion group. The structure and make up of a digital team takes careful consideration of the requirements of the organisation now and in the future – it is complex. Some organisations are required to undertake a transformation to structure teams, others require less change. However, it is important that the right decisions are made early to ensure costly mistakes are not made.

United Focus has significant experience in reviewing and designing appropriate team structures. United Focus can design a team from scratch or review current structures in place. We look at the fundamental nuances of each organisation. We will assess whether governance of digital is a formal reporting division, a sub committee or a champion team – not all organisations require the same thing. We can also assist in developing Charters for teams. Some teams have a goal of making themselves obsolete within a period of time as “digital” becomes BAU.