Management & Risk

Digital Management and Risk

Businesses today are operating in very different times. The Digital Age is creating new business models, blurring the boundaries of where the traditional markets and customers are, and suddenly the power resides with the customers because they have so many choices via the Web and the ability to destroy or promote brands in social media. How are business reacting to these seismic shifts? How should they react? Business owners,  public servants and anyone responsible for managing their organisation’s digital channels need to identify and address the new management approaches and skills required to succeed in the Digital Age. This also means identifying and addressing the risks – financial, reputation, operations, legal and management – of digital activity from things such as cyber-attacks, privacy breaches, misuse of social media by staff or the risk of losing out to competitors because your digital activity was too little, too late.

Cyber Security

Find out 7 basic tips for Cyber Security in your organisation.

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Website and App Reviews

An effective website can improve your customer service, broaden your markets, lower costs, improve lead times, enhance marketing initiatives and generally make it easier for people to do business with you. A review or your website can identify areas where improvements can be made to ensure that your website does what you want it to do.
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Website Design Brief Template and Guide

The key to developing a website that meets both the customers’ needs and that of the business is good planning and a comprehensive brief to the developer. United Focus developed the Website Design Brief Template – by United Focus to help guide you in developing that all-important brief . It covers what to include in the brief, how to research it, what instructions to give the developers who will quote on the brief and some hints about choosing the best developer.  Whether you are developing your website in-house or outsourcing, this template and guide will save you time and money.
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Social Media Risk Assessments

Social media has resulted in the web no longer being a platform for broadcasting but rather a platform for engaging with customers.
Engaging on social media brings risks with including compliance with regulatory requirements, reputations damage, privacy breaches, copyright infringements, loss of intellectual property and cyber security. However, with appropriate strategies, policies or procedures the risk of engaging with customers on social media can be reduced to a level acceptable by the organisation.
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Digital Team Structure

The governance and leadership of implementing and managing digital in an organisation is vital. Without the right mix of leaders and the right reporting lines there is risk of failure in transforming a business.
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