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Digital Strategy on a Page for Government Agencies - Full-Day Workshop

Canberra, 20 November 2017

Learn how to

  • assess your agency’s digital maturity status
  • consider current and future state of your customers’ expectations
  • co-design the digital strategy with your customers and stakeholders
  • consider what digital transformation looks like and the opportunities and challenges
  • identify the key principles, behaviours and activities that will drive your digital strategy
  • socialise the digital strategy within the agency






User-Centred Writing for GOV.AU Websites - Full-Day Workshop

Canberra, 21 November 2017

Learn how to

  • adopt a design-thinking approach to deliver on audiences’ needs and expectations
  • write clearly, succinctly and accurately using plain language
  • structure content to make it easy to find and accessible to all
  • layer content so users can deep-dive if they want - the iceberg approach
  • convey your message, guidelines or instructions more effectively
  • compose content for high visibility in Google
  • manage an effective content and publishing QA processes


Our most popular digital workshops are:

Digital strategies – Topics include: What is a digital strategy and its benefits; Setting the scope and style; Identifying and researching the key opportunities and challenges; The guiding principles; Identifying the critical success factors; How to implement the strategy; Creating the action plan; How to communicate the strategy through the organisation

Business survival tips for the Digital Age – Topics include: Understanding your customer; Making it easy for users to do business with you online; How to improve your Google ranking; Using social media; Transforming and innovating to survive. 

The A-Z of managing your digital business – Topics include: Governance and risk management; Digital team structure and management; Developing policies and guidelines for staff; Resourcing issues; Managing vendors and developers.

Writing for the Web – Topics include: Understanding how people use the Web and read web pages; Identifying your aims and audiences; Setting the style, tone and vocabulary; Layering and structuring content; Accessibility (WCAG 2); Instructional design; Quality control and proofreading. The workshop material is based on Steven Smith's Website Writing Guide 

Marketing your information, products and services online – Topics include: Understanding how customers think and act online; Identifying your audiences and their characteristics; What mix of digital channels (website, app, social media) is right for you and your customers; How to make your information, products and services easy to find, understand and procure;  Governance and management of your digital channels and online marketing activities. 

The workshops are aimed at non-technical people, and they presented in an engaging, interactive style with Steven providing practical hints and tips and sharing numerous lessons learnt from 20 years' experience advising organisations about these digital topics and issues.

Contact us to enquire about tailoring a workshop to your needs.