Smart Cities and IoT


Internet of Things (IoT), or the Internet of Everything, is where everyday objects or “things” are connected to the internet which will allow these “things” to send and receive data. These “things” could include coffee machines, your dishwasher or even a cow. As the internet becomes cheaper and more available it is increasing the connectedness of… well everything.

If there is a traffic jam, message is sent to your next meeting advising them you are running late.

When your alarm clock goes off, your coffee machine will turn on and warm up.

With the development of IoT the concept of smart cities is emerging. Smart cities is a concept of IoT to enhance the quality, performance and interactivity of urban services.

The push towards smart cities and the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) are responses to addressing significant pressures on city infrastructure and resources in the context of productivity goals, increasing urbanisation and growing populations.

There is an increasing expectation among citizens, businesses and visitors to cities that they have fast, seamless, cheap and constant access to the Internet and that digital technologies are used to make their lives easier, safer and offer more choices.

A smart city is one that uses technology and digital solutions to improve the wellbeing of its citizens, to create wealth and jobs and to generate compelling reasons why people would choose to live, work and invest in the city.

In this Digital Age, each city is competing for investors, new business, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs with other cities around the world that are also promoting their smart city credentials.

By identifying what is unique about city and playing to current initiatives, strengths and developing new strategic directions, cities can stand out from the increasingly crowded smart city pack and achieve a unique, competitive Smart City.

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