Digital Strategies


Digital Strategy Development

A digital strategy provides the framework for imagining, creating, managing, delivering and monitoring digital activities that will help facilitate an organisations strategic plan and business plan with the customer experience being the lifeblood central.

A common question is – who should write the digital strategy? Is it you, the IT department, the marketing department, a consultant? We can help you determine this.

A digital strategy is the big picture road map guiding your use of websites, apps, social media and digital technologies to implement your organisation's business goals and aspirations – it’s the WHY, WHAT and HOW to use digital to remain relevant to customers, be more productive and reduce costs and more competitive through innovation.

We have developed digital strategies and implementation plans for governments, private companies and not-for-profits across Australia.

Our digital strategy advice:

  • provides direction for an organisation so that every employee will understand where they are heading and why
  • provides advice to assist organisations in building adaptable and agile processes to ensure they can quickly and easily change to new and disruptive technologies that come along which is vital during this era where technology is moving at rates we as businesses struggle to keep up with
  • enables and support the organisation to make appropriate decisions in relation to what technologies are important to pursue and what is likely to become irrelevant to your business in a short amount of time.

A digital strategy will help your organisation to remain competitive by remaining relevant to customers and their demands. A digital strategy will ensure the organisation really understands the customer and their changing needs and wants.

With most organisations under pressure to do more with less resources (time, money, staff) digital activities can provide efficiencies in processes improving the return on investment.

Digital Strategy Implementation

For a digital strategy to be effectively implemented – the strategy needs to be understood and supported by the whole organisation. If pockets of the organisation are not on the same journey – the success of the implementation is compromised.

Significant and successful changes don’t happen through luck, but though good design and strong implementation.

After developing a digital strategy – it needs to be implemented! A strategy on the shelf is not going to create results. United Focus can assist you in implementing your digital strategy (whether it was; developed by us, yourself, or someone else). We can assist in various aspects of implementation such as; guidance, assistance with developing leadership teams, change management, risk management, policy and procedure design, etc. United Focus do not sell solutions or product – so our advice has always been and always will be completely independent.

United Focus has assisted clients in writing briefs for developers and solution providers and well as sat on panels for supplier selection. As we are independent we can provide unbiased advice on how to select a supplier and how to ensure you then get the results you want from that supplier.

United Focus has developed prioritisation tools to help with digital transformation project selection. The tool prioritises projects based on:

  • The ease of execution
  • The benefits of the digital transformation project and
  • The risk of the digital transformation project.

Digital Strategy Evaluation

Time now to evaluate your digital strategy?

Have you just developed a digital strategy and want an independent, expert review of it before implementation?

We’ve developed many digital strategies for organisations and given workshops on how to develop practical, relevant digital strategies. So we know the pitfalls and challenges of researching, consulting, writing and socialising the strategy.

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t with digital strategies so we can take a dispassionate, expert look at yours and report back on what’s working and what’s not, suggest reasons why and provide remedial advice and direction for the future.

We can take look at your new digital strategy and provide observations and recommendations on some or all of the following:

  • Scope – what’s missing and what shouldn’t be there (the tendency is for strategies to delve too much into the detail)?
  • Research – is the strategy evidence-based or is it mostly opinion; was the research adequate and appropriate, were customers and stakeholder consulted
  • Contents – are the concepts, approaches and recommendations consistent with best-practice and relevant trends in the industry sector and in the local and wider economy; are the recommendations and roadmap feasible and appropriate?
  • Style, format and relevance – is it easy to read and understand for the intended audience?
  • Socialisation – has it been adequately socialised internally and with stakeholders; and what do the executive and staff really think about it?
  • Implementation - how successful has the implementation been; what has worked well and what hasn’t; what has been achieved to date and where are the challenges and gaps; what needs to be amended and how do you go about that?

Give us a call to discuss an evaluation of your digital strategy.