Digital leadership

Digital Leadership

We have developed a Leadership in the Digital Age for the Public Sector  program. It is a high level, professional development program for senior leaders in the public sector.

We address: how do you lead your teams in an era where change is happening more rapidly than at any other time in history.

Join a forum of your peers in public sector leadership and further develop the skills, knowledge and understanding of leadership in this age of digital disruption and transformation.

Digital leaders in the public sector are faced with the same challenges as their private sector counterparts: managing the rapidly accelerating expectations of customers for access to services and information online, anywhere, anytime. Add to that the rapidly evolving digital technologies such as AI and machine learning and leadership becomes even more complex.

We will tackle some of the unique challenges public servants face in leading their organisations and teams through digital transformation:

  • balancing the internal risk culture with the need to innovate and respond quickly to changing technologies
  • change management within the public sector context
  • managing staffing and the annual budget cycle and procurement rules in a complex environment
  • managing expectations of ministers and the election cycle.

Download the full Leadership in the Digital Age for the Public Sector program and then talk to us about joining the program. It will enhance your leadership skills in a relaxed and confidential environment that will enhance your professional life.